Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Jersey Banquet and information

This week we have been having a lot of fun learning about New Jersey. We have been reading about it and doing online searches. On Thursday night we decided to again have a banquet. The kids thought the last one was a lot of fun and have been asking to do it again. Jonathan is pretty much a pro at setting a formal table now. He took a lot of pride in making sure it was just right. The kids all dressed up again. The boys went and got church clothes on (in very odd combinations, Jonathan had on his black pants and dress shoes, his orange polo shirt and his black tie, tied very loosely around his neck. He also wore Aaron's black vest.) and Mara pulled a skirt out of our dress-up drawer. Below is our menu.


Salsa and Kashi Crackers (bought with a coupon for just 50 cents)

1st course

Dinner salad and homemade bread and butter

Main Course

Raspberry Chicken

and Jersey City Macaroni Salad


New Jersey Cheese Bars

New Jersey sounds like it would be a pretty neat place to visit. Here are some facts we learned about it:
  • The Capital is Trenton
  • The world's longest Boardwalk is in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (4 miles are in Atlantic City and it is connected to 2 more miles in the next town.)
  • The Purple Violet is state flower.
  • New Jersey is almost completely surrounded by water. It has the Atlantic coast or rivers all around except 50 miles that are connected to New York. It's other next door states are Pennsylvania and Delaware.
  • It is the 3rd state admitted to the union on Dec. 18, 1787
  • Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Molly Pitcher and Walt Whitman were from New Jersey.
  • It is one of the smallest states in land size and one of the largest in population.

Here is a list of 101 fun things to do in New Jersey.

Here is an interesting story about Shark attacks in New Jersey.

We also made Atlantic City salt water taffy. If any of you have anything interesting to tell us about New Jersey we are still interested in learning.

Our next State is Georgia. Are any of you from Georgia? What do like to eat, do or see there? What is special about your state? I would love to hear!


Angie said...

My SIL nanny(ed) in NJ for 2 years and loved it there being so close to so many things.

Katie said...

Hey Abbi,
MMM Rasberry chicken sounds delicious. Unfortunately we are having roast. But I think the menu may have changed for tomorrow! I finally set up my own blog. I have been reading yours for the past several days. You do a very nice job! Andrew has had to help me quite a bit with mine. He actually ended up setting up his own too! He has been wanting to set up his own for years. You just kind of kicked us into gear when we visited yours!lol I have a link to Andrew's on mine. Andrew's is very Andrewish. Very intellectual type. Ken might even enjoy it.

Abbi said...

Thanks both of you for your comments and for visiting.

Abbi said...

Katie, I am having trouble getting to your blog. I will keep trying and hopefully it is just some quirk that will go away!!

Polly Blanshan said...

Today in my Human Development class, we were debating on a child's learning style and whether or not it should always be classroom style or whether it should be in other ways too.
For me, it was really a no brainer and I didn't even think it was something to be debated, but evidently none of them have ever seen the way a homeschool family works. It made me think of your family and how much fun you guys have in your learning about states. I started to use you guys as an example, but got interrupted. =D

Abbi said...

Polly, We certainly do have fun! It is unfortunate that others just don't realize how much fun it can be!! (And how much better the kids can learn.)

Angie said...

Katie I hope to find your blog too. Did you know I had one too? Anyway so does my hubby and I bet Andrew would enjoy reading his. It is intellectual as well. Some humor too. Anyway miss you all and hope to hear from you. Angie


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