Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fun in the sun

The last 2 days we have been enjoying some bright sunshine!!! We had been having a bunch of cloudy days and so that made me feel extra thankful for the sunshine. It is at this time of year that it seems like our body seems to often use up our extra store of Vitamin D and needing some more. I have been struggling with feeling really tired lately and I think that is why. I am thinking I should start taking a supplement but I need to buy some vitamin D and haven't been out to get it yet. But for now I am trying to soak up as much as I can from the sunshine!

When we are able to get out and exercise and get fresh air and sunshine it helps all of us to feel better! Both yesterday and today it has been below zero which makes it extra invigorating. When you go out it makes it feel like the snot in your nose is freezing and surely all the germs are dying a fast, painful death! I had planned on going outside to exercise every day this winter but this past month we have struggled a bit. At present I have a new determination to make sure that we do get out, even if it is -10!

Yesterday we all had fun doing some sledding on some small slopes on our neighbors property which is just past our yard. (They have said they don't mind.) Today we all went out and did some running and the kids rode their bikes a little on the snowy lane and I did some Jumping Jacks. Are you getting your fresh air and exercise? How do you motivate yourself or your kids?

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martha said...

well..., it's not that cold here but it is still hard to get out and play just because it is gray and we have to take the time to wear jackets.


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