Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Day

Hello again finally. Our company is all gone now, it is just us at home. The Rounds left yesterday morning, that morning I watched two boys, that evening we went to church and then last night some friends came around 10 pm and stayed until a little after 3 am (it's a long story), today my sister was here for breakfast and another friend joined us for lunch. This afternoon I helped Ken out at the office while my sister watched the kids. I am very, very tired as I got very little sleep last night. I am grateful that we have a bunch of leftover pizza from what I made on Tuesday so that is what we are going to have for supper.

I am looking forward to doing a lot of blogging this year. I have a bunch of things that I have been working on that I hope to get pictures of and share with you. I also have a lot of things that I want to start working on. The kids and I are very excited about learning about our states and I am sure you will get to hear about it and we will be asking for your advice. I really enjoy having you all read and leave comments. I hope I can enjoy that more this new year!

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Michelle said...

Wow Abbi, you are an extremely busy productive person! I really admire all the things you do for your family, if I had to find a model of the Proverbs 31 woman it would be you. Ken is very blessed to have you for his wife as I'm sure he well knows. Thank you for being a great example for me. You really encourage me to be a better wife and mother!! God Bless you in all your goals for the new year!!


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