Friday, December 28, 2007

Can you help?

I just posted about some of the fun we have been having with geography. After doing all that I decided it would be tons of fun to get a little more into it, cooking appropriate foods, making flags, learning about customs and a lot of other things. At first I thought I would start with countries but then I was visiting with my sister Martha and she mentioned thinking about doing that with states. I thought about that and thought it probably would be a good idea to start with the states and then do countries so that the kids will understand where they live before we go "traveling" farther a whole lot.

That comes to where I would like your help. I wondered if you could help me with any of the following:
  • What is a special food for your state? (If you feel like sharing a recipe that would be great, or leave a link or just tell my the name and I can search for it.)
  • Where do you live? I have found some fairly blank maps and I am hoping to enlarge one and then we will fill in different things we learn, or towns of people we know or your town!)
  • What is special about your state? (or even just your town)
  • What is something that is fun to do where you live?

Please be sure to say what state you are from when you comment.

We are planning on doing the states in the order of their date of statehood. The first 3 are Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and so I would especially appreciate comments about them but I would like stuff from any state as we will be doing all of them eventually. I will also try to share what I find with you.

Here are some links that I have found so far that have information:

So please share!! I would love to hear from you!


All in a Day said...

Abbi, you are so full of good ideas to make "school" fun!

Lovin' Life Liz said...

Hi my name is Liz and I'm from Kansas!!

What is a special food for your state?
Hmm that's a toughy. We really ARE the wheat state! Sunflower is our state flower and I found a Kansas Wheat link with GREAT recipes--here is my favorite for a Sunflower seed cookie!

Where do you live?
Wichita, KS

What is special about your state? I love the wide open spaces! The Flint Hills are GORGEOUS and

What is something that is fun to do where you live?
In Wichita, here are my favorite things:

Enjoy your project!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbi,
I'm from Phoenix, Arizona.

Some history of Arizona's Native American culture:

A tasty navajo taco treat (excellent as dinner with taco ingredients stacked on top, or alone with honey as a treat)

Something fun to do:

Mrs. Elliott said...

What a fun idea! Learning definitely does not need to be worksheet based.

Special Foods: salmon, blackberries, huckleberries, hazelnuts, crab. My family has lived here for three generations, you can find some good recipes for Oregon foods on our family food blog:

Where do you live? Springfield, Oregon

What is special about your state?
We have every landscape you could want to visit: ocean beaches, grassy valleys, windy river gorges, snowy mountains, and dusty desserts. All of these are only about a two hour drive from wherever you live here.

What is something that is fun to do where you live?
Because of the beautiful landscapes people love to go hiking and mountain biking. It's also pretty rainy so we all love to curl up and read a good book, watch a movie, or play board games when it's too wet to go outside (which is about 6 months of the year).

Hope you have fun with your traveling!

martha said...

awesome response's! I am so excited for this!
about North Carolina;
BBQ chicken is what it's meal of note.
also for things to do, there are 3 aquariums (I think) the ocean, and its almost always warm enough to go for a hike to somewhere.
and you know where I live. :)
oh and around here there are a bunch of military museums too.

Abbi said...

Thank you so much for your help!!! All your links are great!
Liz, we lived in Wichita, Kansas for a little while and being reminded of it was lots of fun. I loved visiting the Exploration place and the Old Cow Town. It was fun to see your view on the wide open places. I grew up in Northern, MN with lots of trees and I had a little trouble adjusting. Thanks so much for sharing.
The kids and I have never been to Arizona though we have tried frybread before and love it!! That will be a fun food to eat in Arizona week! (Ken has been to Arizona but before we were married.)
Mrs. Elliot, We got to visit your state this summer and were quite impressed. We will be sure to visit your families blog for recipes. Ken grew up in Oregon part of the time and he is always telling stories of the blackberries, He loved them!
Thanks Martha for your ideas. I am sure we will be sharing a lot of ideas.

Jamie said...

Hi! I like your blog! I'm from Illinois near Chicago. I would have to say a few special foods are corn on the cob and probably deep dish Chicago style pizza! I don't have any specific recipes but I'm sure you could find some online! Our state is special because of the mix of country and city! Most of the state is farmland but then you have the huge city of Chicago! Something fun to do here is to go to Chicago Cubs games! Good luck with your quest!


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