Thursday, December 27, 2007

Politics and Huckabee

I was just reading this post over at Home Where they Belong. It tells about Huckabee's records concerning homeschooling. I found it quite interesting and informative. At one point I had thought that I liked him as a potential president but after some things that Ken has told me and what this article said I definitely do not think he is a very good choice.
By the way I am curious, Who do you support for president and why?


Bob said...

I like Fred Thompson because I think he's a solid conservative, but my super political little sister(Peggy) supports Huckabee.

Who does Ken support? He's usually pretty informed.

jessicalolene said...

I wish we could take the views of about four different guys and wrap them all up into one candidate. We had been thinking Tancredo at one points, and even voted for him in the Iowa straw polls, but now I think that the best choice is Huckabee. Iowa caucuses are next week and that will be our vote. What have you learned (from research and Ken) about him that you don't like?

Abbi said...

Okay here is our views: At present we are pretty much in agreement which is nice. About Huckabee, Ken does not at all like his fiscal stand at all. He is pretty much a complete liberal concerning taxes and the like. That isn't as important to me as social issues but it does play a part. What I was reading today and had heard some earlier is that he (Huckabee) when Govenor of Arkansas passed some very restrictive laws for Homeschoolers. He seems to be courting a lot of the more liberal groups and it doesn't seem like He is going to stand up like he should.
We personally like John McCain best at present. It wasn't looking very good for him for a while but I think things might be looking up now. Ken especailly likes him because he thinks that He can make good decisions to protect our country. And that he would be a very knowlegeable leader. We also like that he has voted 100% pro-life.
I know several that support Ron Paul but Ken totally thinks he would wreck foreign policy if he got in. From what he said during the debates it appears that he could care less if there is gay marriage or not.
Fred Thompson might be okay but front what we have seen and heard about him it is a little hard to be impressed with him as a person.
Or course we don't care for Guiliani or any of the democrats as they are pro-choice.
Mitt Romney is a possiblity in our minds.
There, now you know what we think. :-)

Betsy Cradic said...

As for me, it's Hilary all the way!!

Okay...I'm kidding.

Peggy said...

Abbi! NOT Romney!

Abbi said...

Oh boy! I really had typos in the last comment!
Peggy, about Romney, he isn't our first choice but yet he doesn't seem like a to bad of one either. Why don't you like him?


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