Thursday, December 20, 2007

Coldstone Creamery's Birthday Gift

A while back Ken and I splurged and went to Coldstone Creamery, while there I noticed they had a birthday club. When I got home I signed up and then for my Birthday they sent me a coupon that was good for a week. The coupon is good for a free Love it creation. When I went to get it I decided to get it to go and then I would share it with those I was with. The server was a little lonely and lacking in business I think on that cold day in December and she went a little overboard in her serving. We didn't really care though. We ended up with a lot more ice cream than we anticipated. Very yummy!!


All in a Day said...


Kathy in WA said...

Amazing! That looks delicious.

EdibleEducation said...

Looks wonderful!

I have actually signed our family up for a few different restaurant "birthday clubs"...sometimes we just get a free ice-cream cone, but sometimes it's a free meal (Captn D's).

We don't have a Coldstone around here - or I'd be signing up real fast!~

martha said...

yum, I wonder if we have those around here?

Hadias said...

Who could ask for anything more. Happy belated birthday.


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