Monday, December 3, 2007

Frugal Gift # 6 ~ Decorated notebook and drawing supplies

An easy, fun and economical gift is a decorated notebook. We usually buy them when they go on sale for 10 cents and then have them on hand for whenever needed. For this particular gift I covered the front with blue felt (using hot glue) and then put a yellow star with a Z for Zachery (the recipient) on it. I have also have decorated notebooks using colored foamies ( One foamie for the back and then others cut to whatever shape we desired and glued on.) For this gift we also included a container with stickers, pencils, a fancy pen and markers. These sort of things can be picked up very inexpensively when school supplies go on sale.
For Zachery, Mara also made this little bag to hold a small game. A bag like this could also be used to hold the drawing supplies.
If you have posted about gift ideas lately, I would love to know about it. Or just let me know what you have been making, I love new ideas.
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