Monday, December 10, 2007

Frugal Gift # 10 ~ CDs

This picture doesn't look like much but this has been a treasured gift that my kids received. Ken's parents put together a CD full of stories that they sent to our kids. Ken's dad told bible stories on it (He added extra kid character's to the old testament stories and amplified them). Ken's mom told a story of her own creation. The kids love them.
You could also read stories and then give them the books to go along with it. Or kid's could make a music CD for grandparents. I am hoping that we can put one together for my Grandma who we don't get to see real often. This is a fun way to make long distance relationships closer.


Anonymous said...

I've thought of this with a cassette tape. Do you have something special to record onto a CD with? Shelly up north

Jen said...

How fun, what a cute gift idea!

Abbi said...

Shelly, you do have to have something special to record a CD with I think. Ken's dad went out and bought something. I know that the equipment is at church though so that is where I have been thinking to go and record at.
I know you can also turn videos from your camera into DVDs on your computor which is also fun.

Emily said...

This is a neat idea. I've done it with storie I've recorded and also piano music for my Grandpa!


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