Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Frugal Gift # 7 ~ Scarves

A fun gift to receive and a fairly simple one to make is a scarf. There are many different types of scarves to make, here are some of the ones we have done at our house:

~Last year I made Mara this scarf with a fun fur yarn. I actually used one strand of the novelty yarn and one of a regular yarn to make it warmer. I was able to use up some old regular line and it pretty much didn't show. Mara likes the soft and fuzzy so this was a hit with her. I have found this yarn lately at Dollar Tree and our other Dollar store, that makes a scarf pretty economical. For this scarf you just cast on around 20 stitches and then knit a row, flip over and pearl a row. Keep taking turns until you reach the desired length.

~ This next scarf is actually one that was given to us. This is the simplest scarf to make. Simply cut a strip from a piece of fleece in the size desired and then cut fringes on the ends. For this scarf they did make a little not on each of the fringes.

~ The next one is one that Jonathan made for Mara a couple of years ago. I like to have the kids make gifts for the others, they like it as well as it is fun to give to others. It is made out of a piece of wool that we had on hand. It is made pretty much the same way as the fleece one.

~ This next one I made last year. It was a fun experiment as I made it out of some old t-shirts. I cut them into 1/2 inch strips and then using fairly big needles I knit the scarf. I had fun using the cable - small wheatear as part of the scarf.

There are tons of neat scarf patterns online. Check out the links below:

Here are 10 easy scarves you can knit at Better Homes and Gardens

Brooke's column of leaves scarf (very pretty).


Marthajane said...

nice! I think someone much shorter than you took your picture!

Abbi said...

How did you guess about the photographer??? :-)


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