Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Works for me Wednesday ~ Garage organization

Our family enjoys camping and various outdoor activities. All of those things come with a lot of stuff which can sometimes be a challange to store. To solve that problem Ken bought the inexpensive plastic shelves that snap together (they are quite sturdy) and lined them up along one wall in the garage.
We have our tents, camp chairs, sleeping bags, balls, tennis raquets, etc. all on these shelves. It is so very handy because we can quickly through it in our van when it is time to go and then when we get home unpacking and putting away goes very quickly!

It definetely works for me! For other Works for me Wednesday tips go to Rocks in my Dryer.

1 comment:

devildogwife said...

We have the same shelves (only in white/cream from a garage sale) lining our whole wall in garage. It creates so much more storage. (We have a tiny garage).


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