Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Backwards Works-for-me-Wednesday

Today is backwards day for Work-for-me-Wednesday. That means that we get to ask questions instead of telling solutions.
My question is: How do you permanently get rid of mold that grows on wooden window frames? In the winter time the window frames get wet and then mold grows. I wash them off regularly but it comes back very quickly. I tried washing with bleach and then with rubbing alcohol but no success. Do you have any solutions?
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Anonymous said...

I have used Lysol Tub and Tile cleaner on mold with success. Spray and let set for a bit. Wipe and then mist and let the second application dry. I haven't tried this on windows, but it worked in a musty basement on the wall. Hope this helps.

Kim said...

I have heard of using vinegar to remove mold but I don't think it will inhibit the regrowth - I think you have a moisture problem you need to address first.

Make a habit of drying the spot off regularly. If it is dry, mold will not grow.

Melanie said...

Is it mold or mildew? If it is mildew (black or pink) I use Tylex Mildew. Spray and let it set. Go back and rinse with water, then dry. Is it just on windows or is it in other humid areas like the bathroom? If it is just windows, you may consider replacing them for a tighter seal.


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