Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Works for me Wednesday ~Boy's room organization

A month or so ago my parents brought over a couple of desks for our boys. We were excited about it as then they would have a place to store their stuff and work on projects. However when we moved them in the room in left very little space for actual playing. What to do? I decided to try out putting the dresser in the closet. It has worked out very well. They have plenty of room for playing and still get their desks. Some of our other organization methods in their room are:
  • We have their toys divided up in different containers according to type. The kids are only supposed to get one type out at a time and then pick it up before they get out something else. Some of the smaller types like legos are kept up on the high shelf in the closet so they need to ask for my help before getting it down.
  • When hanging up their clothes we have them divided into each boys' clothes and then all the pants hang together, all the short sleeved shirts, all the long sleeved, etc. It makes it much easier for finding everything.
  • On the shelf we also keep boxes of clothes that are too big for the boys. I have them labeled according to approximate size and it makes it very quick to find what we need.

That is what works for me in our boy's room, How do you organize your children's rooms?


Dene said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

I am planning on organizing my kids' rooms soon so they can actually have room to do stuff and plus they need to have stuff in it's place and I am going to box up stuff to bring out in the spring so that it's like getting all new toys again. Plus getting ready for our spring garage sale. Closet lloks good Abbi! Wish me luck on mine!

Katie Gregg said...

What a great idea. My grandmother actually has her computer desk in a small closet in the guest bedroom. It's like a mini-office. She can close the door, place the desk chair in the corner, and no one would ever even know!

Anonymous said...

Two of my boys share a room and we put a chest of drawers in their wardrobe too. It works well because boys don't need much hanging space; they wear separates rather than dresses.



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