Friday, January 18, 2008

A new skirt from old clothes

Something that I enjoy doing is remaking clothes. I like doing it for several reasons, First it gives us something new to wear without costing anything, also we get to use something that might otherwise be thrown out (which I like very much for environmental reasons), and also it is a great way to express your creativity (you are using free stuff so if it turns out ugly it isn't a big deal, you can make it in to something else).

One of my recent projects was a skirt for Mara. I had been given a piece of material that had been part of somebody else's dress that hadn't gotten holes in some of the other parts so they could no longer wear it. I decided to combine that material with the top of some old jeans to make a skirt.

Here are the materials that I started with: Old jeans that were to short and a part of an old dress. (Both materials were still sturdy which is an important thing to check otherwise you are just wasting your time.)
I cut the jeans off like pictured above. Then I pleated the fabric on (which was already sewn into a tube) and hemmed the bottom and I was done. It was very quick and easy and Mara was very pleased. One of her friends had a store bought skirt like that and Mara had liked that and was happy to get one for herself.
Here is a picture of Mara wearing the finished product.

Have you done any re-making of clothes? I would love to hear what you have done.


Kim said...

Very cute! I wish I had a girl - you can't make cute things for boys - I recently saw a website that charged $160 for a pair of jeans (that YOU supplied) that they then embellished with fabric and lace (kind of like a crazy quilt) - this would be great for a young girl - she could probably do it herself! Imagine $160!

suzof7 said...

That's great! I really need to start looking at thrift shop clothes as fabric instead of just pieces of clothing.

Mom2fur said...

That is so cute! I love to repurpose clothes. One thing I do is to always remove the lacy trim from tops when they get too stained or worn-out to wear. The trim is almost always in good shape--and since you sew, you know how expensive trims can be! Then I will get a plain t-shirt and decorate it.

Katie Gregg said...

Oh, you are too crafty! I have always wanted to try something along these lines, but I can't even thread a needle. Your creation, however, turned out beautifully!

Abbi said...

Thanks so much for all your comments. I am hoping to do more sewing before too long. I will be sure to share what I do with you all.

Vickie said...

How cute! That is a great way to repurpose items! I love to re-configure outfits but have not done anything like this. Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

This is sow cute!! I love it!

Great frugal use of items outgrown!

Becca Colebank said...

Just looking over your blogs, abbi. You're quite the organizer! Mind if I post a link to your blog on the Blanshan site?

Abbi said...

THanks for the comments.
Becca you are more than welcome to link to my blog. I appreciate that.

martha said...

that looks really nice, Abbi!


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