Monday, January 21, 2008

Learning about the States ~Pennsylvania and New Jersey

This past week we learned about Pennsylvania. We started out doing a lot of research but then I got very busy and we didn't do to much the rest of the week. I didn't do as much as I wanted too but something is better than nothing.

Sarah left a comment earlier that I really appreciated that told us a lot about Pennsylvania so I thought I would share it with you.

"Some fun things about PA. Skeeball, the fun and famous arcade game, is made here! Our slogan is "Pennsylvania: The State of Independence." That's a double entendre! Our governor is Ed Rendell, who was once the mayor of the City of Philadelphia. We're a great state, because, at least where I live, we are within a two-hour drive of the beach or the mountains! (New Jersey beaches, and Pocono Mountains)Some things we enjoy eating here, are, of course, cheesesteaks! Philadelphia is world famous for the cheesesteaks, and I've heard that they cannot be replicated anywhere else. I think it has something to do with the water, which makes the rolls perfect. I have also heard that the water makes sourdough pretzels made in PA extra special. Ever had Snyders of Hanover? They're made here. Do you love those marshmallow bunnies and chicks you get on Easter? The Just Born facility makes Peeps, they're located in Allentown, PA. And of course, you've had Hershey's chocolate, that's here in PA, too!"

In our reading we decided that Pennsylvania would be a very fun place to visit. Not only is there beautiful scenery but also lots and lots of historical places. I would love to go and check out all of those places. What a fun way to learn history!

There are many Amish is Pennsylvania, so for food I pulled out my Amish cookbooks (that were written in Pennsylvania) and we tried some new foods.

We also enjoyed some Hershey's Chocolate this week as well as Ice cream sodas and Banana splits both of which we read were invented there. (Quite a lot of sweets this week but for Banana splits we went heavy on the Bananas.)

We learned that a lot of our money is made it the mint in Penn.

We learned that Stephen Foster was from Pennsylvania so we had fun singing some of his songs last week.

This week we are on to New Jersey. Is anyone reading that lives there or used to live there? We would love to hear about your state!! We would enjoy marking your town on the map and hearing what is special about your state, what is fun to do there and what is fun to eat. Why would we want to go there?


Tooz said...

Apparently at one time, there were some shark attacks on a river in New Jersey. You might be able to google that, if you're interested. I don't know a lot about your kids, but I'm sure boys would find that interesting.

Dawn said...

I saw your post too late, ugh. My husband is from PA, the Pittsburgh side. One of the things I found interesting there when visiting his family is the house named "falling waters". It is a house by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built over a large waterfall with balconies hanging over the water. I took a tour of it. It was beautiful. Mr. Write designed a trap door in the living room that can be pulled up to reveal stairs that end just a few inches above the water. Imagine swimming there!
I don't know if it is just in PA, but I remember that a food you can get there is the pepperoni roll, it is basically a dinner roll that has been formed around pepperoni before it is baked. They are good!

Mackenzie said...

This is a great site to learn about the different things that are involved with the different states. Major kudos to you for doing the research!


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