Saturday, January 5, 2008

Going to Delaware

We are planning on going to Delaware this coming week. Well actually we aren't really physically going there (I wish!) but we are planing on learning all about it.

We checked out a couple of books from the library (We love that place!) on the state of Delaware. We are looking forward to reading about it's history as well as what is special about the state.

Here are a few fast facts that we have already learned:

  • Date of statehood is December 7, 1787. It is the first state which is why we are studying it first.
  • Capital is Dover.
  • It is the 2nd smallest state. We live in a fairly large state of Minnesota so it was very impressive to us that the narrowest part of Delaware is only 9 miles. For us that is only slightly farther than going to my parents house. Even at the longest point it is only 96 miles. (I am doing those facts from memory since I am not sure where I put that information, so I may have erred but I think that is right.)
  • State bird is the Blue Hen Chicken
  • State flower is the Peach blossom
  • State insect is the Ladybug (that is why I posted the above picture which my sister Keren took this summer.)
  • Delaware has a lot of coast line on the Atlantic ocean.

Here is a printable map for the state of Delaware.

Some foods that we have found to be fitting for this state are:

  • Chicken. It is the state bird and also the raise a lot of chickens there. (We wonder, do they advertise eating their state bird? With our state bird being a loon, which does not get eaten, it seems a little funny to us to have a state bird that you are used to eating.)
  • The state beverage is Milk. Yea! We love milk.
  • Clams and crab are popular foods according to what we have read. (unfortunately it is expensive here so I don't think we are going to be eating that this week.)
  • We figured that since the state flower is a peach blossom that they most also have peaches, so we plan to eat some peaches this coming week.
  • Here is a some more information on Delaware food and has a couple of recipes including "Delaware chicken salad".
  • Here are more recipes from Delaware including ways to prepare beef, fish and seafood.

I will try to keep you updated on all the fun stuff we do this next week.

If there are any of you reading that either live in or have lived in Delaware, would you please comment and say "Hi" or tell me something special about your state? Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Learning about Delaware?? Wow!! I wish I saw this 5 months ago when you posted it. I'm a 3rd generation Delawarean. My great grandfather immigrated from Italy to Wilmington and we've been here ever since. Its a wonderfully small state. Everything is "just up the road". and if you say you know someone from Delaware to a Delawarean, he would ask the name. Its likely he would know the person.
Dover is the Capital.
The north eastern delaware border extends all the way across the Delaware river up to the low tide mark of New Jersey. This can be troublesome for New Jersey if they wish to build structures into the water. Recently they wanted to build a natural gas port but, due to a border dispute it ended up going to the supreme court.
The arc at the top of the state was drawn on a map by placing a compass with the center point being the New Castle County court house in 1750 (I believe).
Swedes were the first permanent European settlers in the 1600's. Their church is still standing.
Delaware is the home of tax free shopping. No sales tax brings lots of people from neighboring states like Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey into our many shopping malls and outlet stores.
We have 'business friendly' tax breaks which brings many credit card companies and banks to our state.
We have only 3 counties. From north to south they are, New Castle , Kent and Sussex. Although we tend to divide the state into "Above the Canal" or "Below the Canal". The canal is the C&D Canal which connects the Chesapeake Bay with the Delaware.
We are considered southerners by northerners and yanks by southerners.
We LOVE crabs! They run from mid summer to the fall. Eating crabs is as much about getting together with family and friends as it is about eating.
One of the more bizarre foods from our state is scrapple. It is a breakfast side dish made from pork and corn meal. It is in the form of a loaf that is sliced about 1/4 inch thick and fried in a pan, until crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. Lots of ketchup. You have to grow up with it to stomach it. Never ask how it is made ;)
The terrain in northern Delaware is considered piedmont, or foot hills. Lots of trees, valleys and creeks. Its more like PA than the rest of the state, which is flat farm lands.
We were the first state to ratify The Constitution.
One of the things about living in a small state is that we know our politicians. We see them at Church, at resturants, and various functions. Its nice to be able to gripe directly to them. Not that it helps much.
Delaware was home to the DuPonts. They were gunpowder manufactures during the early part of our nation. The since moved to Chemicals and Textiles. The original gunpowder mills were along the Brandywine river and are now a museum.
You can drive to 3 other states within 1 hours time.
We in Wilmington, are a 2 hours drive from Skiing in the Pocono mountains and a 2 hours drive from surfing at Rehoboth Beach.

I could go on and on about my state.
Hope you were able to find enough info online in time for your lessons.

Abbi said...

We did have lots of fun learning about your state. Thanks for all the additional information. I love hearing from people that actually live there!


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