Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Organizing fun

This afternoon and evening has been a busy one. Jonathan and I decided to go through all the toys in the boys room. I think that we might actually now have every single lego in the Lego box, every single tinker toy in the tinker toy box, etc. We do try to keep them all separate but with little kids and then having company often toys have a tendency to get a little scattered.

We also were able to throw away a fair amount of broken stuff and got rid of a box full of stuff as well. We able to have only one tub (instead of 2) of general toys. It feels very nice to get rid of clutter! Jonathan is a great helper for a project like this, he loves to organize and is very eager to get rid of things.

I believe that clutter is a huge time waster but yet I struggle with it regularly. This year it is my goal to get rid of clutter in our home. I am working to get rid of clutter that we already have and try to guard against bringing any more in. I have decided to try not to buy anything that is non-consumable unless totally necessary. How do you keep clutter out of your home? Do you have any organizing tips for us?


All in a Day said...

My tip is to keep on top of it, do some every week. It's when I don't do this that we fall behind.

Katie said...

I just remembered there is one thing you can do. You may have heard of this before. But try putting away some of the toys the kids don't play with as much and they won't miss them, then in a few months you can get them out again and they have a whole "new" set of toys.

Angie said...

Katie can't find your blog? :(

Jolene said...

Abbi, I have been enjoying your blog for a few weeks. I, too, am getting rid of clutter that is around my house. God has pointed many places out to me in the past few weeks that I have been tackling slow. (I work full time and home school.) I have a box for yard sale stuff that I put things into every night when I find something. Also a box for donation to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. This has worked for me so far. Hope you have a great day!

The Eckerts said...

We have been on this kick the past few weeks as well. With the new year and a new baby coming, it seemed like the perfect time. It's such a thrill throwing things out. We have some toy shelves for Samuel and if there are more toys than what can fit in there, then some get tossed/given away. It keeps the clutter way down. If we didn't do that, our entire house would be filled to the brim with toys and that would not be a pretty sight.

devildogwife said...

No really good tips as we're doing the same thing. My goal is to at least get rid of a little bit of clutter each day.


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