Thursday, January 24, 2008

Giving Thanks

This morning in my reading in Isaiah I found this verse:

"It is the living who give thanks to Thee, as I do today;
A father tells his sons about Thy faithfulness."
Isaiah 38:19
This was in a prayer that Hezekiah prayed after God had told him he was going to die. I just thought it was a good reminder of how we are supposed to be. Even though he was going to die soon (he was praying to ask God to change His mind.) he said that he was giving thanks today. Even when things are not looking so great for us, are we still giving thanks?
Being thankful can help our attitude better than anything else I know. I want to live a joyful life but just telling myself to be joyful when I am feeling blue doesn't seem to help a lot. But if I start thinking of the very, very many things that I have to be thankful for than I start feeling far more joyful about life. Singing songs of Thanksgiving is also incredibly helpful for me.
I also appreciate that reminder of telling sons about God's faithfulness. I love being a stay at home mom and getting to be with my kids nearly 24/7. But am I always using that time to its full advantage? Am I telling my children about God and His faithfulness as much as I could be? I think that I can always improve in that area and I hope and pray that I do. When we notice the beautiful sun shining down on us, lets not just keep that observation to ourselves but how about mentioning it to our children and thanking God for it and reminding them how faithful God is to keep us warm and care for us!
I hope that this has been a day of Thanksgiving for you and that you are sharing those observations with your children.

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