Thursday, January 17, 2008

I just wanted to share with you how much fun I have been having teaching Jonathan lately. He is learning to read right now as well as learning about money and very much enjoying doing math. I find teaching somebody to read to be a little challenging but oh so rewarding when they learn! Jonathan is really starting to catch on to both reading and math and it is so exciting.

One of the things that I love about homeschooling is very selfish on my part. I am so glad that I get to be the one that watches and helps out in these big steps in my child's life. I love getting to be with my children each day and totally enjoy their companionship. Homeschooling is the best!!


martha said...

yeah! I agree! whenever I think of letting anyone else teach my children I know I would miss out on way too much of their lives!

Go Jonathan! that is so exciting to learn to read. And the same with numbers, except that numbers never trick you the way words will. :)

Dawn said...

I found a fun game my foster daughter liked in kindergarten to help her read. I would take the words she needed to know for class, basically vocabulary the kids are supposed to recognize on site. I put one word each on index cards. Next you make two pyramids out of squares on two different pieces of paper. I did 4 squares on the bottom and made the pyramid 4 rows high. The rules of the game are: you and your child each get a pyramid to color in ( I put plastic sheet protectors over mine and used dry erase markers so they are reusable). Then, you hold up a card with a word on it for the child and count out 10 seconds silently. If the child is able to tell you the word in 10 seconds or less.. s/he gets to color in a box on his/her pyramid. If s/he cannot tell you the word, you get to fill in a box on your pyramid. Whoever fills in the whole pyramid wins. My foster daughter loved this game, I added only one or two words at a time to make it easy enough for her to beat me every time, which probably added to the fun for her! We played the game for about a month and she went from recognizing just a few words to about 27 words (she liked beating me at the game a a lot :-D . I noticed however, when we would read a book she still had trouble recognizing the words, so when we would read a book together and got to a word that was on her cards in the game, I would let her try to read it, so she would recognized the words in print, not just in my handwriting. Maybe this will help Jonathan too! :-D


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