Saturday, January 5, 2008

11 uses for your old Calendars

It is a new year and I am guessing that you have old calendars at your house. What do you plan to do with them? Just put them in the recycling or (gasp!) throw them away? Why not make something from them that you or someone else can enjoy. Here are some ideas that our family has enjoyed (and a few more that I found while googling!). I hope something works for you!

~Make cards from them. These cards pictured I recently made to use as part of a gift for a friend. Cards like these are quite simple to make but are attractive and useful as well. These I made using pictures from a small calendar but you can also use a portion of a picture from a large calendar or pictures from a catalog. Simply cut a piece of card stock in half (or to the size you desire) fold it in half and then cut a picture just slightly larger than the card. Carefully spread glue on the back of the picture. You want to spread it thin and don't leave any lumps. Then glue it to the card and using a rag press it on carefully to make sure that it is flat. Then trim of any overhanging edges of the picture. Let it dry and you are all done.
~After making cards you can make envelopes to go with them. This is the type of envelope we use for the majority of our mail. Since many people know we make these we are the recipients of many calendars, so we always have plenty to use. Here are some envelope templates that you can print out and use. I am not sure that these envelopes can be considered frugal as buying envelopes is quite cheap and making them takes time as well as a little tape. But I still like to make them because it is something the kids and I enjoy doing together, It is a use for something that otherwise is trash and people seem to enjoy receiving them.

~You can use old calendars to decoupage things.
~You can use the calendars for origami.
~Make a little gift box.

~Frame it. This picture didn't turn out very well (I was using flash and it had a glare.) but using Calendars as framed are does work well. It is a very frugal way to help decorate your house.
~ You can make place mats.
~ You can make bookmarks.
~Make a paper pocket to put little gifts in.
~ Use calendar pages for wrapping paper.
~ Another fun idea that I hadn't thought of as I always think about using the picture side, is to use the number side as a learning tool. For kids that are learning their numbers let them copy the little number in the bigger box right next to it. I think this idea would be perfect for Aaron, my four year old.
Well I hope you have fun with your old calendars too.


Angie said...

Ooops I just threw mine out yesterday! That would have been a neat idea. You could also use it for scrapbooking!

Tara said...

What an awesome and timely post! Off to deconstruct my 2007 Klimt calendar...


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