Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today is my Brother Luke's 21st birthday. We went over to my parents house today for a very yummy supper and to help celebrate. There were some of our other friends there as well.
This is a picture of Luke opening some presents from us. One of them was a ball from Aaron who decided that everybody needed a ball and he really wanted to give something to uncle Luke that was just from him.

I am very blessed to have a great brother like Luke. He is a great uncle for my kids, he is a hard worker at his job and helping out at church and wherever he is needed (often helping us). He has a great sense of humor and is fun to be around. Most of all he is a devoted Christian. Even when many people would go out and party on this particular birthday, we don't have to be concerned about anything like that with Luke.

We love you Luke.


Dawn said...

It's so sweet you are so close to your brother. Maybe mine will be like that some day, he's still young. FYI, I have loved your blog the last few months, and have added you to my blog roll :-)

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Luke!

martha said...

aww, I really miss you all!

All in a Day said...

It's hard to believe 21 years have gone by since I jumped off the school bus to see your new brother! A "golden" birthday...


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