Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Delaware Banquet

This past week we had a fun time learning about Delaware. We got some books from the Library and also did some research online. Ken suggested that we do a presentation on it for him. We also have been reading about table manners in our manners book (and then Ken and I went to a banquet earlier in the week so the kid's thought it would be fun too) so we decided to have a banquet combined with a presentation about Delaware. We had fun setting the table with more silverware than we normally use and our good plates for everyone except Megan. All of the kids got really into it. We had an appetizer,salad, soup (chicken soup as they raise lots of chickens in Delaware.), and biscuits, chicken and potatoes and peach cheesecake for desserts.
The kids took turns serving the different courses. They also dressed up a little bit for the event (notice Aaron's tie hanging off the back). While eating (which took a long time with all our courses and waiting for everyone to finish) we each took turns telling something that we had learned about Delaware.
This week we are learning about Pennsylvania. If any of you are from there I would love to hear about what you like to eat or do and what is special about your state!


Sarah said...

I just happened upon your blog while hunting for some info about National Organize Your Desk Day today, and it just so happens that I live in Pennsylvania!

Some fun things about PA. Skeeball, the fun and famous arcade game, is made here! Our slogan is "Pennsylvania: The State of Independence." That's a double entendre! Our governor is Ed Rendell, who was once the mayor of the City of Philadelphia. We're a great state, because, at least where I live, we are within a two-hour drive of the beach or the mountains! (New Jersey beaches, and Pocono Mountains)

Some things we enjoy eating here, are, of course, cheesesteaks! Philadelphia is world famous for the cheesesteaks, and I've heard that they cannot be replicated anywhere else. I think it has something to do with the water, which makes the rolls perfect. I have also heard that the water makes sourdough pretzels made in PA extra special. Ever had Snyders of Hanover? They're made here. Do you love those marshmallow bunnies and chicks you get on Easter? The Just Born facility makes Peeps, they're located in Allentown, PA. And of course, you've had Hershey's chocolate, that's here in PA, too!

Abbi said...

Sarah, Thanks so much for all your information!! I am very glad you came by my blog!

martha said...

oh what fun! Aaron's tie and "suit" are very nice.:) You are an inspiration to me!


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