Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cheap gift wrapping

We have had two birthdays at our house lately and it has been my goal to see how many different things I could recycle into gift wrap. Gift wrap is never something I spend much money on. I save both wrapping paper and bags that our gifts come in and then if we buy wrapping paper it is usually on the after Christmas clearance sale. Below are some ideas for using up things that might be around your house.

This one is wrapped using first an old silver helium balloon and then bubble wrap on top. The finishing touch is a recycled bow.
The old stand by of gift wrapping with recycled goods: The comics.
Here is a gift wrapped with paper that came as packing in a box. For a finishing touch I used fall leaves.
For small gifts magazines and calendars can provide beautiful gift wrap.
Here we went really organic and used birch bark and leaves.
This one is a done with tissue paper that came around some flowers in an order and then some wrapping paper I re-used. Below is the very easy one to re-use: Gift Bags. Here is an old candy box decorated with a tissue paper butterfly.
None of these are to elaborate or terribly exciting but they work and I like the fact that I am not using brand new paper that will just be thrown away. Another thing we have used that is not pictured is cloth bags.
Do you have any other ideas for unique gift wrapping?


Martha said...

This summer I have found good deels on gift bags and tissue paper at the Target doller spot. I got there on the Clearance day so they were only 50 cents for two pack gift bags and tissue. The other thing I'm useing is grocery bags. my grocery store uses paper bags that are plane- no writing at all. nothing like "brown paper packages tied up with strings." -MJ

Keren said...

i like your bubble wrap one, because the bubble wrap is exciting to get too. :) it looks neat also. Keren

Amity said...

Wow, those are really awesome ideas. I like to make my presents "pretty". Thanks for the ideas for doing it a cheaper way :-)

Lisa said...

What great ideas! I love the bubble wrap and the use of old magazines.

Melanie (Thrifty and Creative) said...

I love all of your "green" wrapping ideas! I may be needing to do this next weekend for my sister's baby shower and I hate buying wrapping paper just to rip it up! I love the bubble wrap the best...never would have thought of that one!


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