Thursday, October 4, 2007

I am showcased at Frugal Hacks today.

Kim at Frugal Hacks is showcasing Proverbs 31 Living today. Kim is the creator of the frugal blogroll and has many other neat things she does for those that appreciate frugality on the Internet.

To those of you visiting my site for the first time, Welcome! I hope you come to visit again. I love having people comment, so if there is anything that makes you think about something, please leave your thoughts.

I thought I might introduce myself a little better to those of you who have never met me in person. I am a child of God, a christian. This is what is most important in my life. Doing God's will is my greatest goal. I am also a wife and mother. Family is very important to me. I love being a stay at home Mom and a homemaker for my husband. Church is vitally important to me. I am very involved in a local New Testament congregation.

My interests are quite varied. I enjoy frugal living, partly because that allows me to be a homemaker and partly because I hate waste and love the creativity that living frugally requires. I am also interested in wasting less from an environmental perspective which to me goes hand in hand with being frugal. I homeschool my kids and absolutely love it! My husband and I were both homeschooled so this is second nature for us. We homeschool because of a desire to see our kids grow up in a christian environment as well as excelling academically. I am interested in living healthfully. We grow an organic garden, grind our own grains and make nearly all of our food from scratch. We also live an active lifestyle with plenty of activity in the great outdoors and very limited amount of time in front of the TV. I love arts and crafts. I run a small wedding flower business and I also enjoy sewing, knitting, crocheting, stamping, scrap booking and just about anything else that is creative. I am a lover of music as well, I teach some violin and piano lessons and have been learning to play the cello. I am also loving photography more and more all the time. I am trying to share the things I do with you, as much as I have time. I hope you will share with me in my journey.

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The Eckerts said...

What a great interview. I love coming to your site and gaining inspiration?!


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