Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

I noticed that today is Blog Action Day where we are requested to write concerning the environment. I had just written about some of the things I am doing to try to improve my little area but as that is an area I have been thinking a lot about lately I will share some of my other thoughts on that issue.
Have you ever read the book "Miss Rumphius" by Barbara Cooney? This is a children's book that has been one of me and my children's favorites to get at the library. It is well written and has beautiful pictures. In the book Miss Rumphius, Alice loves visiting her Grandfather and listening to his stories of traveling to far places and says that when she grows older she to wants to travel to far places and then come and live in a house by the sea. Her Grandfather tells her that what she is planning is well and good but she also needs to do something to make the world more beautiful. Well she does travel and then does get a house by the sea but cannot figure out what to do to make the world more beautiful and then almost by accident she starts spreading Lupine seeds and flowers grow. She starts walking everywhere and planting them in ditches and all over and becomes known as the Lupine Lady and that is how she makes the world more beautiful.
We have been inspired by this book and I encourage others to read it so that they will be as well. God gave us a very beautiful world but many times people are a little thoughtless and throw out trash and don't bother to beautiful the area they are in. We can be different though. One thing we have been doing is planting perennial flowers, bushes and trees. We can also pick up trash (this summer my sister Anna organized most of the kids in her neighborhood to pick up trash, they had a good time and did a good job- she said they even went up into people's yards :-) , I am hoping to do that soon on our street. Whatever it is you choose to do I think that is a good goal to have, "Do something to make the world more beautiful". Maybe you can leave it nicer than you found it!


miranda matteson said...

hi abby, I thought I'd write and tell you that my dad has started a blogspot. You can read his blog here...

I hope that works for you. I enjoy reading your posts too :).


Martha said...

since you posted this the kids and I have been taking a bag with us on our walks and have been picking up trash from parks and streets. we had been meaning too before but now we are.


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