Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saving money on car insurance

This afternoon I took an online defensive driving course. My husband had arranged it because if both of us took it (and got 80% or more right) then we could save 10% off of of our car insurance for the next 3 years. The class did cost $40 for both of us and around 2 hours each but we will save around $70 each year. That is a net savings of $170 dollars for a little time. The class was good to take anyway, though I have never been a driver in an accident, never gotten a ticket and only been pulled over once (in Reno, Nevada) I still think it was good to be reminded of how to drive even more safely. We have our insurance with MetLife and that is the only company that my husband knows (he is an insurance agent) of that has the Online course but there may be others. We do know that often Senior centers will offer courses like that and those also will help to lower your rates. I would advice asking your insurance agent if there is anything like that you can do to lower your rates.

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MJ said...

hey, we just got cheeper insurance with usaa since we are military. I think anyone who has close family in the military can get it. we are really excited about the money we saved by switching.:)


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