Sunday, October 14, 2007

Raising future Mothers

One of a favorite thing I have in raising little girls is watching them take care of their baby dolls. Megan is very much in that stage now, she takes baby Bobbi Mae with her many places and hugs and loves her a lot. On Friday night we had friends over who also have a 1 year old daughter and it was fun to see the two of them both hugging babies and carrying them around. Tonight at church I enjoyed watching Megan and a 2 year old friend loving their babies together. God very obviously placed a mother's love in their little hearts. It reminds me how much they are watching me to see how it is to be done. I pray that I can be a good example and that like it says in Titus 2:4, that I can encourage them to love their husbands and to love their children if God should bless them with both of them.

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Anonymous said...

I've had such a hard day today, and reading this sweet post just brightened my spirits!


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