Saturday, October 6, 2007

New Curtains!

Here is one of my recent projects: light blocking curtains for our bedroom and walk in closet. Ken has been wanting curtains that totally block the light for when he wants to sleep in on Saturdays. I had not been sure how to make ones that totally blocked the light and had thought about buying something but then realized I would probably have to spend over a hundred dollars for two big windows. I went shopping and found black lining fabric for $1 a yard at Walmart (before they got rid of the fabric here!) and then I was able to get green corduroy fabric at Joann's on sale getting 6 1/2 yards for $21. The muslin that I used for decoration was leftover from when I made our bed skirt. We had one of the rods on hand and bought a 2nd one. The hooks for the muslin I got for $1.79 each at Home Depot. I had looked at hooks that were meant for drapes and they were $7 and up for a pair and so I decided to get coat hooks instead which work fine. The great thing about all of this is that the curtains do actually block light and Ken is very happy!
I decided to give you a tour of the rest of our bedroom, closet and bathroom. It is in our downstairs which we very recently finished (well to be honest there are still a few things to do). Ken with help from the kids and I and sometimes a few others did nearly all the work in finishing our downstairs which saved us a lot of money. Ken hasn't had much experience with carpentry but he got some good books on it and asked questions of family and friends as needed and he did a very good job.
The above to pictures are of our bedroom. two walls are painted light green and 2 walls have pine tongue and grove. We also put tongue and grove on the ceiling. One of our big projects this summer was staining all of the tongue and grove.
This is a picture of part of our bathroom. We painted with all light green in here. I am using Iris for decoration in here.
Here is a partial view of our walk in closet. This is in between our bedroom and bathroom and is painted dark green.
I am looking for some suggestions, I am wanting to do some more decorating in the bedroom but am not sure what to do. My sister Martha had suggested using some of the dark green paint and putting leaves around on the light green walls. I think that I kind of like the idea but I am not sure where to do it- in a strip around the middle or maybe on the top or maybe just around the doors? Also I am wanting to add some gold touches to the room (I already have some pictures with gold frames and a gold lamp) and I was thinking maybe I could do a few leaves in gold, what do you think? Also does anybody have any great ideas for inexpensive headboards? (Ken doesn't like the shabby chic look).Our bed is a California King size bed and headboards seem to be quite expensive, I have thought about trying to make my own but haven't made it that far. Tell me what you think!


The Eckerts said...

I love the bedroom. You can always make a big statement with color. You can bring in the dark green, that would look great. I like the leaves idea.

I've also seen headboards that are made from covering a wood board with batting and then cloth and pulling it tight and stapling it in the back. I've also seen people make a fake headboard by painting the wall above the bed. You can get pretty creative. There are lots of ideas online if you search for ideas for headboards. You have a great start. Keep up the good work.

Martha said...

The place I saw leaves (on a wall) she had painted the backs of real leaves then pressed them against the wall in a random pattern. I really liked it but I guess if you have too big of a place to do that might not be as good. she had it in all of her master bathroom.

Martha said...

oh another idea you could do light leaves on the dark walls of your closet too.

Abbi said...

Thanks much for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Mom painted a dark green ivy vine at the top of our living room wall (well, she has just tried it in one spot so far) and it was really nice. I think a border along the top wall is a really nice way for a room, I like the finishing touch there rather than around the doors. Not sure about gold ideas yet :)
Have fun... :)

Danica said...

Great and wonderful idea!! I love Croscill home fabric at Joann fabrics.

Danica said...
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