Friday, November 16, 2007

Staying healthy!

This past month we having been working on something new. It seemed to me that we had been getting sick more than we should be (even though we really work on eating healthfully) so I decided we would try to get more fresh air and heart pumping exercise as well as trying to drink a lot more water.

So far we haven't gotten sick but that isn't to surprising since we have been doing not quite a month yet but that is not the only blessing. We have been having a lot of fun. We are an active family anyway but when cold weather comes I tend to not go out a lot (even when the kids will go out) and even though I am active I don't generally do a lot of exercise that gets my heart really beating.

Some of the things that we have really enjoyed doing so far is to play soccer, football (my version with my rather vague memories of the rules), jogged, jumped rope and run around the yard while leaping. Since we are in the middle of our Alphabet adventures we have been having fun figuring out activities that start with the right letter.

After exercising out in the cool air it can really make you feel more energetic. I would really recommend it. I am looking for suggestions for very active outdoor exercise that is fun for kids and me, so if you have any ideas, please comment.

The drinking of water has gone fairly well. But I am still not drinking as much as I would like. I have been trying to have a water bottle or glass handy most of the time which does help. Do you have any ways that make you drink the amount of water that you think you should?


Anonymous said...

Drinking water at our house isn't a problem. I just put out a huge jug of ice and we drink lots of water all day long. We prefer our water very cold. That wouldn't be a problem for you though with your fridge thing.

One idea would be to set a timer for an hour and drink each time it goes off. Another idea that comes to mind is getting in the mindset that certain activities warrant a drink of water. For instance, just before nap time or just before a certain school subject or just before anything else you do on a regular basis.

One thing I wonder about though, we're "supposed" to drink 8 glasses a day, but my problem is that I can chug down nearly a quart at a time about eight times a day. I'm wondering if that has stretched my stomach vs. drinking many, many smaller (sips) several times a day.

Just some thoughts...
Shelly up north

Martha said...

Jumping Jumprope in a Jumper. must be J day! :)
what is that game were you make a pie shape in the snow, Oh, fox and goose! that is a good game ye'all could play.

pogren said...

Hop Scotch!!! The first time I showed the game to my grankids my grandson said "Nana, how did you ever think of this???" He thought I had invented it! Pam, South Bend

Emily said...

You know, every day as part of our school routine, Mom made us do a half hour to an hour of exercise. While at the time I didn't like it at all, now I look back and see what a good thing it was. We did things like jumping jacks, sit ups, stretches (first), push ups, and jump rope inside. Soon, hopefully, you will be able to go ice skating and sledding and skiing!

The Eckerts said...

Being pregnant, I am trying everything and anything to make sure I keep my water intake up. I have found that filling up two 24 oz. canning jars (we use them for glasses) and leaving them either in the fridge or on the counter (I like cool water, not cold) will remind me to drink them. I try to drink the first before noon and the second before 4 so I don't have to wake up as much in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I always have a smaller glass with dinner and then a little more before bed. But, I've found that if I see all that I have to drink all at once it helps to accomplish the goal. Then I don't have to remember all day how many glasses I've had.


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