Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Decorating!

Tonight I had a lot of fun decorating our living room and entry way. I decided that I would share some pictures with you. On our piano top I put some silver net like fabric on it first (I had bought the fabric at Walmart for around 50 cents a yard and I used it before at the bridal fair) then I put some evergreen boughs that I had gathered from woods. I then added some pine cones that I have collected and some candles. I also put ribbon (recycled from a friends wedding) interspersed. It was fun just using what I had that were in Christmas colors all over to decorate. Mara and Jonathan helped me a little with the decorating and then we lit all the candles and called Ken and Megan up (Aaron had fallen asleep early) to see what it all looked like. While just in candle light we enjoyed some egg nog. The kids were super excited and it was fun for all of us. Ken then helped us hang up the stockings. These we bought on a after Christmas clearance a couple of years ago and then hot glued gold initials on them.

These two pictures are in the entryway.
Enjoying their bedtime story.
Megan went around trying to blow out the candles. (She is experienced from the birthdays this fall). She did enjoy watching them though.
I hope you are having fun this time of year. We even have snow on the ground outside, so that made everything even more perfect.


Anonymous said...

Boy, Megan is looking more like a little girl instead of a baby. I enjoyed your pictures! Shelly up north

Betsy Cradic said...

What a beautiful home! We finally got some snow too.

marthajane said...

looks nice! I really liked those PJ's megan is wearing. Heidi wore them and they're so soft.

Keren and Peggy said...

It looks very lovely. I expecialy like the piano. :) Keren

Emily said...

Oh, it's so nice. It makes me want to decorate my house too! You do such a nice job of things!

jessicalolene said...

Now that December is here I, too, can start decorating. While you all were getting snow today we were getting the Iowa ice. So, we didn't get to the tree farm to get out tree. Looks like it will be another week before it all gets put up. Loving your house, though.


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