Thursday, November 8, 2007

F is for Ford

Today is "F" day at our house (in our month of Alphabet adventures ) and so Ken decided to celebrate by buying a "new" (to us) Ford. Actually he didn't buy it just because it was "F" day but it worked out well.
We figured out that this is the 10th vehicle that Ken and I combined have owned. It is the 2nd one that we have gotten a loan on. We really prefer not to do that but Ken's work car had some problems that came up that would be bad in a Northern winter and it cost quite a bit to fix. So Ken decided a different car was necessary. He figured out the books and says we should have this paid off before or by March, so I guess that is not to bad.
After supper we went on a quick ride (over to pick up our old car and the car lot.). It is nice because this vehicle has seat belts for 6, even if it is a little crowded. We all love the dark blue color except Aaron would have preferred green.

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Anonymous said...

Wow and congratulations! Shelly up north


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