Thursday, November 15, 2007

A free lunch

Today we went shopping. We wanted to get some of the sale items at our local grocery stores and Walgreens and then we did a little gift shopping at JC Pennys. I had read in the paper that Marketplace, one of our local grocery stores, was having "A Taste of the Holidays" from 1-7pm so we decided to hit that store last (at 1 pm) and use it for our lunch.

They were giving out free samples of veggies, fruit, juice, bread, chips and crackers with all kinds of things to dip them in, meatballs, roast beef, shrimp, sausage, lutifisk (we passed on that one - I may be from MN but I don't care for that!), ham, pie, fudge, cake, brownies, ice cream, egg nog, lefse and cookies. The cookies were being decorated as we watched and the kids picked the one that they wanted. Mara picked the one that is in the picture and then decided that it was to pretty to eat yet and had to bring it home so that I could take a picture of it.

After all those samples we were quite satisfied and were able to go home, read our story and take our naps. It was quite fun to have a lunch "out". The store we were at, Marketplace, has the nicest carts for children, which made having lunch while shopping a ton easier. The carts have a truck on the front of them that both boys are able to ride in and then they still have the baby seat. (It also rolls very nicely unlike Wal-marts muti seater carts). Only Mara had to walk which made it very easy. It was interesting being out at that time of day. Pretty much the only other people getting all the samples were retired people. Mara felt a little out of place but it didn't bother her very much.

What do you do for free fun?


Betsy Cradic said...

My, my, that IS too pretty of a cookie to eat! Well, maybe just a little bite...or two...or three... :)

Martha said...

I like those carts too! we also like the airplane ones our commissary has. but my "baby" thinks he needs to go driving too, so I always have one walking.
for free fun we have play grounds any way we choose to walk from our house. so we try all of them often.


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