Thursday, November 15, 2007

Colonial Homeschool co-op class

We had our 2nd homeschool co-op class on the Colonial times on Tuesday. This time we talked about work and play. Candle making was one of the jobs they had to do in the time, so we decided to dip candles for part of our class.

Dipping candles was something that all of them seemed to enjoy. I didn't have the authentic ingredients of tallow, beeswax or bayberry but they still got the idea of how it was done pretty well. (I used old yucky candles and crayons that I had melted down for the wax. ) The kids each got to dip one set of candles. While we were dipping we talked about other jobs that they would have had to do in that time. Some of the different jobs were: Blacksmith (he also served as the dentist), Whitesmith (tin repair), Town Watchman, Town Crier, Church Watchman, Silversmith, Cooper, Cabinet maker, Schoolmaster, Tanner, Post Rider, Cobbler, Hatter and Carpenter.
We also talked about some of their play. They might have had kites, yo-yos, hoops, marbles or poppets (dolls) to play with. They also played things like leap frog races. We tried that out and guessed that may have been just a boys activity as it is rather difficult in skirts. They also played Jack straws which is like pick-up-sticks except you use straight straws or twigs or something like that. Mara found some stems from ferns which worked quite well.

We had a very fun morning and hopefully the kids will remember what it was like to work and play in Colonial times!


Anonymous said...

Sounds (and looks) fun. About how many participated, and about what kind of percentage do you think that is of the home schoolers in your area? Shelly up north

MoneyCommonSense said...

Yes, that looks like a lot of fun. Learning and having fun, what a better day can a kid ask for.

Abbi said...

We had 11 kids involved in the activitys and then there were 3 other liitle kids around. That is an extremely small percentage of the homeschoolers in our area. A very small percentage is involved in the homeschool co-op and then not everybody from the co-op goes to each class. We actually set limits on how many can come as we hold the classes generally in homes.


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