Monday, November 5, 2007

Dried flower framed art

I enjoy giving homemade gifts for several reasons, 1. I love to make things and so if I didn't give some away our house would get a little crowded, 2. It seems a lot more personal and 3. It is frugal, when I make things I am usually using things that I have on hand so there is not much money going out, just time. This is one of the gifts that I have made recently to give away.
I found this project very fun and not very hard, just a little time consuming. I had done the flowers for friends Mathew and Emily this spring and I had at that time decided to press some of the extra flowers and petals and greens. Both of them have birthdays in October so I thought I would make them this combined present for both of them. (unfortunately I forgot about my plans until rather late, so the present was late - oh well better late than never I guess.)

I found a frame that I had, covered the piece of cardboard with a piece of black fabric, I pulled it tight and then hot glued it on the edges. I took a piece of parchment looking paper and cut it into a heart shape and using my calligraphy pen I wrote I Cor. 13:4-8 on it. I glued this in the middle of the fabric and then I took my dried flowers and stuff and glued them around putting the greenery down first and then arranging the flowers around. After letting it dry I put it in the frame and I was done. I wish I would have thought to take pictures before I put it in the frame but I didn't.

I am always on the lookout for other ideas for homemade gifts so If you have any simple ones I would love to hear them or if you have written a post about it I would love if you would leave a link.

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