Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Works for me Wednesday ~ Bathroom organization

Today I am going to give you a tour of our upstairs bathroom and some of the ways that we organize there. Bathroom are a nice area to organize as usually they have quite a few shelves and drawers. They can also be challenging because we try to put a lot in them. Here are some ways to organize that work for me.
This top picture is of a toilet paper holder that an older lady from church made for us. It is made out of several small coffee cans with the bottoms cut out and taped together to make a long tube. We can store 4 rolls of toilet paper in it. We have it sitting next to the toilet and try to always keep it full. We never have to worry about sitting down and then realize that the toilet paper is all used up!
Next we have a picture of an old orange bag which we put all of the bath toys in and then hang it up on a hook. This works very well because the bag is plastic and full of holes so it allows all the toys to drain. The kids enjoy having the toys to play with and I enjoy having them all in one place and not scattered around the bathroom. It is not the most decorative but it is generally hiding behind the shower curtain and it works for me!

This next picture is how we store our hair things. The basket holds the big scrunchies and rubber bands and the little container holds the metal barrettes. These look fairly decorative and get to sit on the bathroom counter. This has helped us to easily keep all the hair things in order.

In our upstairs bathroom we have no medicine cabinet so when we moved here I had to figure out what to do with medicine, first aid stuff and so forth. I ended up buying these plastic containers which I then filled with our various stuff and we stored in the linen closet. I have one container for first aid stuff, one for extra bought ahead toiletries (I like to buy stuff when it is one sale and have it ahead of time rather that just buying as needed at full price. I also have lots of shampoo bought on sale lined up under the sink and toilet paper in bulk on the floor of the linen closet), One has bug spray, sun screen and things like that and the other has shoe polishing stuff. We did have one with medicine to but now that we have a bathroom downstairs with a medicine cabinet I have moved it there.
Underneath my sink I have a caddy with cleaning stuff in it so it is always ready to go. I also have a bucket of cloth rags which I use for all my cleaning.
Another way that we stay organized is that everybody has their own towel hook. We hang up our towels after a bath or shower and then they can by used again. Rather than having to do tons of laundry because the towels all get thrown on the floor.
I don't think I probably shared anything that is to new or different but maybe It might help you in some way. Anyway it works for me!


4urpets said...

Great tips. I especially like the one with plastic containers with different items in them.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of bins with lids. I have baskets and they don't stack well. When I have an extra $5.00, I may buy some small bins with it. :) Shelly up north


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