Friday, November 2, 2007

New Books!

Yesterday was exciting for us as our books that we ordered through the school were in and we went and picked them up. Here in MN at least we are allowed around $75 per child (1st grade and up) for buying school material. The stuff you buy is not supposed to be terribly religious and so we do not use the money on our actual curriculum but we very much enjoy using it to buy extras. It doesn't bother me to use the money at all as we are paying for the school system with our taxes just the same as everybody else and all we are using is a meager $75 a child. We ordered our books from CBD
as they have good prices and a fun and wholesome selection. We got 5 biographies (I love biographies!), a calligraphy set (with instructions), 2 classics (Mara finished "Black Beauty" this evening), an Usborne guitar book, a History book, a handwriting book, a drawing book, a historical fiction book and one CD. The CD is one to go with a set that we have been building up about various composers. They are really neat CDs that the kids really love. They the composers music around a story and make all of it really live for the kids.
Anyway, I wanted to share all the excitement with you. If you have this available to you but haven't taken advantage of it I would really recommend it!

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