Saturday, November 17, 2007

We are so blessed!

When I was thinking about all of the good deals that we have gotten this week to post for Super Saving Saturday @Moneysavingmom, I got to feeling so overwhelmingly blessed. God is so very good to us and takes care of us so over abundantly.
Some of God's blessing this week have been:

~On Wednesday when I was watching some friends kids for the morning they also brought us 4 chickens that they had butchered. Fresh, wholesome meat, Yea!

~On Thursday morning our friend Eric called and said he had gotten another deer (his 4th this year and today he got another!) and he wondered if we would like it. I said sure! Ken and I have no idea how to deal with a deer but Eric gutted it, and then he and my dad hung it up. This morning we went out there and Eric (with a little help from Ken) skinned it and then Dad helped us cut it up and I packaged it. It is now in our freezer, except for what I have in the fridge for tomorrows dinner.

~On Thursday morning the kids and I went shopping and found some good deals on groceries and clothes for presents. (I had taken pictures of them but I can't find the pictures on my computer now.) One of my favorite deals was 3 men's dress shirts that I found at JC Penneys to use for gifts. I found all of them on clearance (They originally were around $30 each) and they came up to $21 with tax. I had a $10 off coupon so the total for the 3 shirts was $11. I guess I was especially pleased with this deal because I like to buy (or make) gifts ahead of time which I usually do fairly well except with men's gifts and now I have 3 men's gifts sitting and waiting.

~On Friday afternoon I was downtown at Ken's office helping out and I happened to look out the window across the street and there was a bunch of furniture with a free sign on it. The office building was getting new tenants and I guess stuff had been left behind that they were getting rid of. I ended up getting a nice office chair for my desk, a shelf that I plan to put in my office/craft room, and a tall file cabinet in good condition. I also called and told my dad about it and he came and got a desk, a cabinet and a file cabinet. The owners were glad to get rid of the stuff and we were happy to get it. So far I only have the office chair at home as we stuck it in Ken's office and then had no way to haul it. Dad was planning on hauling it for me but got so much stuff of his own that he didn't have room! Tomorrow he plans on bringing it home for me after church.

I have found our God to be so good. He gives far beyond what we ever need!

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