Saturday, November 3, 2007

A good deal on photos

This week Walgreens had a good deal on pictures. If you bought 25 than you could get 25 prints free. There normal price is 19 cents a print so this made it less than 10 cents each. This is still good through tonight, you can upload your photos to and enter the coupon code TREAT in and it will come up with the right price. You don't have to pick them up today in order to get that price. Actually this deal may be good through the 10th. The website said the 10th and the sale flyer said the 3rd. You can use this deal up to 10 times. I had fun getting some of our pictures printed out and then I also decided I would get some family pictures printed to send out with our Christmas letters. This deal makes it much more economical to be able to do that.
I have been enjoying shopping at Walgreens lately. I used to shop there when I lived in Kansas and I thought they would have some good deals but when we got a new Walgreens in town last year I went once and thought they were quite expensive. I was inspired to try them again from reading what Crystal writes in the "Money saving Mom". If you watch all the sales and use coupons and rebates you can get great deals, including a bunch of stuff for free and actually some things you can earn money on to help buy your other stuff. It has become my fun new hobby. At "Money saving Mom" Crystal also tells about the deals in a few other stores but unfortunately we don't have them in our area.

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Betsy Cradic said...

My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dennis have been "rebate shopping" at Walgreens for years. They've gotten so many things very inexpensively and also lots of stuff for free by earning points. I've never taken the time to try it myself, but it sounds interesting!


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