Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy days are here again.

 After the election was over in November we enjoyed a very relaxing month. Our summer had been so busy it was a very, very welcome change! I had thought December might continue to be filled with days at home and not much scheduled but that isn't really happening. That is all right though, we will enjoy the busy days too!

  I realized that I hadn't written a post for a while where I just told about life- I don't know how many of you are interested in those posts but I like to have them every so often just for a journal like record. So here is a bit of what we have been up too. :-)

    Last weekend Ken had a meeting at the Mall of America (For Republican activists) so we headed down to the cities. We spent the night at my sister's home and the kids and I hung out with them. On Saturday Anna and her 4 kids, Me and my 4 kids and my friend (and Ken's cousin) Christy and her husband and their youngest 4 kids decided to take in Home Depot's free building day for kids as well as a free craft day offered at Micheal's. I think we may have looked a little overwhelming to the attendant as we walked up with our crowd of children. :-)
 After building picture frames at Home Depot we checked out their drills and some other power tools. They had them all set up in a kid friendly (?) spot and so the kids thought they would be fun to try. We tried to watch everybody carefully and we did walk away unscathed but it was a little unnerving. :-)
 At the Micheal's the project was an ornament that was painted and decorated to look like Rudolph. They turned out cute and I don't think the kids got much paint on anything but the ornament and their hands so that was good!
 We had fun looking through Hand-me-down clothes and the girls decided to model them.

Ken also went car shopping while we were down there as his work vehicle has been wearing out. He was blessed to find a very nice (used) one for less than it should have cost and he is quite happy with it. We had to drive home in separate vehicles which thankfully went all right as I really struggle with staying awake on trips of that sort.

 On Monday we celebrated my 33rd birthday. I was reminded once again of how over abundantly blessed I am. My children were very excited about my birthday coming- each working to make a gift (so there were secrets and rooms I couldn't enter before the day). Ken spoiled me as usual, as did many others. So many people remembered (cards, e-mails, phone calls, facebook!) and I feel very blessed and loved.

  On Tuesday we had our Homeschool get-together. I am hoping to write more about those some other time- but it went well and everybody had a good time. It was also a very busy day!!
 We finally got our quilts for Uganda finished and mailed off. That was a fun project and I hope they are put to good use for the little orphaned children there! Mara had actually finished hers months ago- it was mine and the boys' that were needing to be finished.

  Now for the rest of the month we have a couple more trips planned- one to Wisconsin for a short vacation with my sister Anna and her family as well as a little time spent at Christy's. Ken also has a short trip planned for our 12th Anniversary. It is a secret but I have my suspicions to both the direction we are headed and the planned activity.

  We are also still working on Christmas projects and today I hope to get more decorating done but all in all through the busyness we are trying to stay rested and at peace and I am trying to remember not to stress about the things that don't matter so much. If they get done- nice, if they don't- that's okay too.

   We are enjoying getting spend more time than normal with friends and family and are feeling very blessed. I hope you are too!



Martha said...

Oh thanks for sharing. These are the posts I enjoy! :)

All in a Day said...

Me too, Martha. :)

Pei-Lin said...

Abbi, I bet you must have had busy time with the elections going on earlier! Mark Dayton is the governor-elect, right? I'm still listening to MPR!! HAHA!

Enjoy every moment with your loved ones. I definitely miss you all!

Btw, I won a national contest co-organized by Tupperware back here. My entries were published in a national paper. (The most widely read and circulated English paper in Malaysia.) But, they edited and thus shortened my original write-up. I'll publish the unabridged version next week on my journal. You guys (the Williams, Edwards, Cobbs, Mathews, Lockes) were a major source of inspirations in my write-up for that! I hope you can read it.

And, I've received your emails. Simply don't have much time around to reply to you. SORRY! I'm missing you guys a lot! Take care and stay warm and "fight" against the blizzards!

Anna said...

The quilts for Uganda turned out pretty. That is a neat project. I would like to know more about it.


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