Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Have a Homemade Christmas {Final Week!}

Welcome to this year's final week of Have a Handmade Christmas. We have a few things left we are working on, a few stockings that still have a tiny bit of room in them. We are looking forward to working on those projects and maybe doing a bit of baking and over all just having fun this week! We decided to take the week off from schoolwork and are trying to stay home for the most part.

This week I decided it would be fun to try a Vlog. So a couple of weeks ago after I had taught how to make centerpieces at our homeschool get-together I had Mara record this video clip to share with you. Vlogging is something new to me and I always think I look and sound a bit funny when recorded but I do think it is good to try different things every so often so here it is:

Okay, I am afraid this video is not uploading properly.... That's what sometimes happens when you try to do something new.

In case there are any other of you still busy creating and you would like to share- Please link up here!


Leah said...

Thanks for hosting! It has been fun to see all the handmade gifts!

angie said...

I enjoyed your crafting series. You are so inventive with resources you have on hand.
I love your name, too. I wanted to name my daughter Abigail, but it rhymes with our last name. My husband said he could hear the kids teasing her by saying it in a sing-song voice after the teacher called attendance!


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