Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have a Handmade Christmas {Week 8}

 This week I didn't have time to share any details on gifts we have been creating so I thought I would quickly share some of our decorating instead. I always have fun seeing how I can decorate frugally- usually just using evergreens (free), Pine cones (free) and wire and ribbon which I have on hand and are economical anyway. We also through little odds and ends of things that we have around the house.
 I like the way the greenery, brown pine cones and red ribbons brighten up this wall. To make a swag like that about you can just lay greenery down on a flat surface with the stems going in to the middle. Wire the stems together, cover with a bow and then wire on any pine cones that you desire.
 This vertical swag is made very similarly to the horizontal one.
 I had fun tucking these little Rudolphs that the kids made up above our sliding door.
 Mara's Rudolph got glasses.
On the piano I laid an old burlap bag and then covered it with evergreen and then added pine cones and other fun stuff.

I had a bunch of fun and am enjoying the decorations!

What have you been doing?
Please link up your Christmas projects!


Bonnie Williams said...

Pretty Abbi.....what are you doing up at 1:27 am? :-)

Finding Balance mommy said...

The greenery is so beautiful! Great job!!!!

Jackie said...

I love the decorations. The greenery is so pretty. Plus, some of those pine cones are huge! :-)

Anna said...

Your decorations are very pretty on your new wall!


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