Friday, February 4, 2011

From Messy to Neat in the Laundry Room

 Our laundry room is in our downstairs, In the same room with the furnace, water heater and softener and other things like that. We also have an air hockey table in there, a fridge for my flower business, it is a storage area for my flower business and for craft stuff and ski stuff and all the other stuff that we don't know what else to do with. It is unfinished and it was extremely cluttered and messy! (Check out the horrible before pictures!)

 The unfinished part doesn't really bother me thought it isn't all that attractive like that but someday we hope to add on and things would be torn up in there and so it seems a bit silly to waste money on finishing it right now. That may not have bothered me but the messy clutter was really getting to me! Something needed to be done!

  I talked to Ken about it and loving husband that he is he agreed to help me make shelves. So last Saturday we went in and measured and figured and then he and his helper Aaron headed off to Home Depot to get supplies while I went to work at clearing the room out.

It looks so much better now and I am so excited to have some organization again! It still isn't perfect but I am loving what I do have!

 We even put a shelf above the door (which leads to my office) to hold floral supplies. I can see the top of my dryer again! I cleaned up the appliances and I am enjoying just looking at them. :-)

 The recycling got tucked neatly back in this corner now that there is some space for it since other things are up on shelves.
Stuff neatly on shelves is so much easier to access than in piles!

That is some of the fixing up that we have been doing at our house this week!


Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

I'm always looking for ways to de-clutter and keep busy areas tidy in our home! Thanks for the inspiration!

Susan said...

I need to get into my garage and really clean that out.

You did a great job!

Jackie said...

Great job! I need to declutter and reorganize our storage area, too. Thanks for linking up!

Abbi said...

Thanks all of you! Now to keep it organized and clean. I hope all your cleaning and organizing goes well!

Anonymous said...

Those shelves are very nice! I am currently reorganizing the guest room... it's taking some time though!


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