Saturday, February 12, 2011

Singing for her Supper

  The last couple of days Megan has been rather obsessed with money. When we went shopping earlier this week she saw something (A stuffed pig with a pink bow!) that she decided she needs. She didn't ask me for it but since then she has been trying to earn money so she can get it. And mind you she didn't see it on a shelf it was in one of the game machines where you have to try to pick it up with a little grabber thing.


Today I gave her a job helping with laundry that earned her 10 cents (I gave it to her with nickels which made her happy because in her mind the more coins the better). Then she was upstairs trying to come up with other ways to earn money. Pretty soon she comes downstairs again. "Jonathan told me a way to make money!"  Me: "Oh, how is that?" Megan: "He told me I could sing on the streets."

The background to that I found out was that Megan was playing with this little toy cup and wondering how to make money and I guess something clicked in Jonathan's brain (very helpful brother that he is) and he thought she looked like a beggar or something so he gave her that idea.

When she told me I just kind of chuckled and told her to go ahead and sing or something to that affect. I thought she would sing around the house.

But no... Megan headed up and got her boots on and wanted her coat at which point I had to explain that I didn't want her to go stand out on our road and sing in hopes of making money. She was a bit disappointed so I suggested going and singing to her siblings.

Mara and Jonathan each gave her a penny which made her happy. Two more coins!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sounds like she is making small advances to her pig purchase.

Travis said...

Very cute!

Camille said...

Too sweet!! What a funny brother to suggest that she sing for money. And, those grabber things are really so very difficult to work! Ask me how I know. ;-)

Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbi - Very sweet skier there - looks like she's wearing Daina's snow pants from... over 20 yrs ago?! (she said she could tell from the teddy-bear patch mom put on special!) How time flies! =)-Kari T.

Abbi said...

Thankfully Megan seems to have forgotten about the pig in the machine now. :-)

Kari, That is funny that Daina recognized her snowpants! They came from Mom, I think Keren must have worn them too. They are still working just fine and Megan likes them! It was fun to hear from you.


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