Saturday, February 5, 2011

Warm Winter Days

 We have had a lot of below zero temperatures around here lately and so it was quite a treat when it got up to around 30 degrees yesterday. The boys spent hours outside playing and shoveling off our deck. They decided that coats weren't even needed for the warm weather we were having!

 The decided to turn our deck stairs into a sledding/ skiing hill. We don't have much in the way of hills so this has been fun for them. They also decided to try to make a half pipe for skiing on. They didn't quite get it done so they decided they had a quarter pipe.

 Mara had started to make a family of snowmen a couple of months ago. She didn't get heads on them though and then the next day we didn't have sticky snow anymore as it had gotten too cold. Yesterday we finally had sticky snow again so Mara and I quickly put heads on the snowman family. I think they appreciated it!
 How is your winter going? It seems like much of the nation is getting cold and snow. I hope you are having fun with it too!


Martha said...

I am glad you have steps since you don't have a hill. :) and, I am very happy for those snowmen.

JoannaTopazT said...

We are lucky to have a great sledding hill in a park nearby, so that has been fun this winter -- and we've discovered that "sand" buckets and shovels are just as much fun in the snow!

Anna said...

The warmer weather has been appreciated around here also. The older boys spent quite a bit of time playing catch with a football this week.
The stairs look like a good sliding zone. Although I think your insurance agent should talk to you about having all exits clear for efficient clearing of the premises in an emergency :)

Abbi said...

Martha, I am happy for the snowmen too... imagine having to go for months without your head!

Joanna, I bet the sand toys would be fun in the snow. You could building snowcastles.

Anna, Our exit isn't blocked we can actually slide out faster than before! But I did have them talk to our insurance agent about it before they did it. We always try to be safe like that. :-)


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