Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making Memories

Yesterday afternoon when I was baking and cooking supper Megan had fixed a blanket tent in the living room and wanted someone to play with her. First she checked with the boys but they didn't want to play, they were headed outside to go squirrel hunting (with their slingshot and bow and arrows- they didn't get anything but they planned on eating it if they did) and then Mara was busy writing on her book.

I suggested that she get a few dolls to go camping with her. "But mom, I wanted someone that could talk". So I volunteered to be the voice for her doll. I could do that while I still got the work done I needed to in the kitchen (We have a pretty open floor plan for our main areas) and she would have someone that could talk. Megan was quite delighted with that idea. Out came Raggedy Ann and I got to be her voice.

If I ever got distracted and missed a time that I was supposed to talk Megan would remind me and supply me something to say. It was pretty cute. In the picture above Megan and Raggedy Ann where roasting "hot dogs" over the "campfire".

  Megan is good at entertaining herself, if she wouldn't have found anybody to play she would have still played happily but this alternative was a neat way for us to have fun together and I was still able to get my supper made and the baking done and Megan thought it was wonderful fun.

Creating memories like that works for me!


All in a Day said...


Bonnie Williams said...

Too cute!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

How fun to be a doll's voice and still get work done.

Jackie said...

How sweet! You and she will treasure that memory for many years I am sure.

Nola said...

Awww that is really cute. Too bad my little girl can't play with yours. Although it really helps that mine has a little sister. I am so glad they play well even though they are 3 years apart.


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