Friday, September 23, 2011

Fixing up a Gift Basket (And happy Autumn to you all!)

We had a beautiful day for the first day of Fall up here- how about you? Our day was a busy one filled with cleaning, helping my parents butcher their chickens, laundry, having an appraiser come to see our house in hopes that we can refinance, putting up corn and zucchini and doing lots of sneezing and blowing the nose since most of us seem to have caught a cold.

  Last night I had fun fixing up a gift box that will be sold at a silent auction/fundraiser that Ken and I are attending tomorrow. Quite a few people (from our local republican group) contributed items that represent the area where we live and I had the fun of putting everything together. 

 We were going with a northwoods theme so I went out and picked some evergreen branches to go in the basket and then I nestled all the items as well as some pine cones in amongst the greenery. This basket is filled with a bunch of local food items as well as some other local odds and ends and some vintage memorabilia. 
Gift baskets are quite fun to fix up, you can figure out any sort of theme that you think the recipient would enjoy and then start putting them together. Maybe some homemade bread and jam with some of your own herbal tea and some honey or maybe several craft items that they would have fun using. Gift baskets are an attractive way to present items that you may have picked up second hand but you know that they would still be appreciated. I had fun fixing up this gift basket- have you ever had fun making one?


Jackie said...

What a fun gift basket! I love the pine cones and branches. I hope it does well at the auction. Thanks so much for linking up!

angie said...

Making a themed gift basket is one of my favorite gifts to give. You can feel better about giving odds and ends because they appear to be intentional to the theme. I think the recipient appreciates the practicality of the items. and choosing a container is fun, too.


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