Friday, September 2, 2011

 We have been in the fixing up mood around here lately. Fixing up our home by getting rid of things and cleaning it up is what I have been in the mood for. This week I was able to get rid of 10 bags of extra clothes by giving some away to friends and family and then donating the rest to the Disabled Veterans of America. They just put up a handy drop of box on our side of town so donated to them is very easy and I like to do it.

  What I am really excited about however is a bartering site for our area that is on facebook. I just learned about it from another mom at baseball. There are nearly 1000 members and it is extremely active. You simply list (with pictures included if possible) the things that you have to get rid of and you can also list things you need or want and then people can comment on it or message you and you can figure out a deal. No money is allowed though they do allow the bartering of gift cards.

  I just became a member today so I haven't made any deals yet but I am excited about listing up things that we want to get rid of and seeing if we can find things that are useful to us instead. You can also barter services and a lot of people were offering food (from their garden or even stuff that they had purchased) for things that they wanted. I am really excited about the whole bartering thing. I have long thought this sort of website would be fun and so I am delighted to find it all set up.

Today besides cleaning and dreaming of all the things we can get rid of I have also been doing some fixing up of wedding flowers. Since they are more photogenic than my dreams I thought I would share a few with you. :-)
First here is my wonderful little helper!

 The Pomander is for the flower girl to carry. We are going for a somewhat vintage/rustic look which is why there are some twine accents and canning jars.

This is the groom's boutonniere.
I didn't get the bouquets photographed yet but I am enjoying the whole look of the wedding. I am looking forward to filling the reception tables with flowers in canning jars tomorrow.

I am curious... Have any of you ever been involved with a bartering group before? If so, what are your experiences?


Jackie said...

I love all of the wedding flowers and canning jars! I bet the wedding will be lovely. Your little helper is pretty cute, too. :) I really need to get busy and do some de-cluttering. I have a room that is need of some serious help. Thanks so much for linking up!

angie said...

I belong to a freecycle group, but I like the idea of a bartering group even more. Recently I have gotten the feeling that others might be re-selling things that I have offered for free.

Lecia said...

I found your blog from with eager hands (a personal friend of mine) and I absolutely LOVE it. You have a beautiful family and so much wisdom to share. I will be back often to read. You have a lovely place here.

Nola said...

I love the idea of a bartering group. There was one set up and very active in a community where I lived for one year. However during that time I did not join as I moved twice and had my first baby. I would have joined if I had have stayed there. Its a great idea. I hope you have lots of success with it!

I love the twine and canning jar idea for weddings. I wish you could have planned my flowers etc for me! I would have loved that idea. I am not great at being that creative. We kept things very simple though. My only regret is that I listened to my mom who INSISTED I use white roses in my boquet when I don't like roses!!! I added them in with daisies which were our wedding flower. We just had them in corsages/bouteniers, in the girls' hair and as center pieces on the tables. My mom made the centerpiecs which were daisies and ivy on a little basket made of wild grapevine which the handle was made to look like two wedding rings.


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