Friday, September 16, 2011

Making presents interesting with stuff we have on hand.

Fall is birthday time in our family both immediate as well as quite a few of our extended family. With birthdays come presents. I think it is fun to wrap presents and make them look interesting and fun for the recipient (though sometimes I run out of time and my presents look pretty blah!) but I don't like using a lot of brand new paper, ribbons and such which will most likely just end up in the trash.

So we have fun being creative!

Last week was my sister Keren's birthday and I was wrapping her present when my girls came in from outside with some little people that they had made from acorns, sticks and wild cucumber. I asked if I could have one for the present and they gladly let me. I thought he looked so cute tucked there on top.
A closeup of the wild man.

Today I had some more presents to wrap (for nieces and a nephew that we will be seeing) and we had fun using some odds and ends to make the packages more interesting. We used: bits and pieces of ribbons that I had left over from my floral work and other projects, feathers, An oak leaf, acorns, raffia and wild cucumber. It is rather fun to fix up some packages to give away!


Becky R said...

so cute. I hate that we spend money on wrapping paper and then it ends up in the trash.

Nola said...

Wow those look GREAT!!! I would love to receive a present wrapped like that. I simply love the "wild man!!!"

This reminds me I was going to recycle some packing paper that came in the mail. I almost forgot!!!

Jackie said...

What a great idea! Love the wild man! I need to be more creative when it comes to wrapping presents. Sometimes I put so much effort into the present that the wrapping doesn't get the same effort. Thanks for linking up!

Zimms Zoo said...

We like dressing up our gifts with stuff like that. I can't wait for your handmade holidays to start again. Apparently those were my popular posts of all-time. I have lots of ideas and we can't wait to get started!

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody!
I really liked the wild men my kids were making too. I have requested a bunch of them to stand along me shelf in the living room.

Zimm's Zoo- I am getting excited about doing the handmade Christmas again. I have ideas going through my brain but haven't had time to work on much yet.


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