Sunday, September 11, 2011

It has been a full week!

This week has been very full but a very good week too.

 It was our first week of formal school for the year. Megan was very excited because she is in "Kindergarten" now. We are still staying pretty relaxed with her schooling but she is eager to learn and so I am helping her. She loves writing her letters and numbers and doing math pages.  Aaron is doing well with his work and was even doing math pages at nap time just for fun (and so he would be able to get done really early this year). Jonathan is seeming to enjoy his math this year, so far he finds it easy. I hope it stays that way. He is also eager to take his first spelling test. Mara is finding that as you get older work does tend to get a bit harder but she is doing fine. I am enjoying the routine of school work but at the same time I am having to work to get adjusted to it. Right now I am having to do a couple of math lessons each day too because of some messing up on my part and so I don't have correcting manuals for Mara or Jonathan yet. I hope to change that soon!

 We spent much of Thursday over at my parents helping with some homesteading activities. We did get our math done before we left. On Monday I will tell more about the fun that we had.

  We have harvested honey 3 days this week. I am feeling so blessed by the harvest we have had. It is a lot of work to harvest but the kids help and this evening my inventive children came up with a way to make extracting easier, faster and more fun.
A piece of clothes line around the handle will act rather like a yoyo string and you can make the extractor turn by pulling it. This made them much more eager to help.

 I have been having fun trying out the bartering site. I have done several deals now and am enjoying getting some "Junk" out of our house in trade for things we like or need.

 We have been canning pickles and salsa and doing other garden harvesting. God is so good to us!

  We have been attempting to do some thorough cleaning around here but sometimes it just feels like it's getting worse. Especially when someone forgets to connect the grain grinder to the bin when grinding and flour sprays all over the kitchen.  Putting up food in general is rather messy and for that reason I will be glad when harvest time is over. I am loving the harvest now however!

Over all, life is good and I am grateful for the week that God gave to us!


Becky R said...

Great week. We start on Fri. the 16th. We took all of August and 1/2 of Sept. off. I am not quit ready yet though. Also trying to clean my house with a good cleaning as I have been watching daycare kids all summer from 8am-10pm 6 days a week so haven't been able to really clean. But it is hard to actually do.

Emily said...

I like your comment about "putting up food is messy" :) It's nice to be reminded that it's just that way, and it's worth it (I say this after trying my hand at canning all week)

Nola said...

Glad I am not the only one who forgets to connect the grain grinder properly! LOL


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