Thursday, December 29, 2011

Freedom to make Choices

     Over a month ago now Ken made the startling decision to give up Mountain Dew and drink Coffee instead (with plenty of cream but no sugar). This has been strange to me because ever since I have known him he has had a Mountain Dew addiction (When we were in college together he would come in the mornings with his Mt Dew and a Honey Bun for his very unhealthy breakfast) and neither of us have ever drank or even liked coffee. That said I was and am pleased as can be over his decision! Mt Dew is not good for you nor is it cheap (even though I would try to buy it when on sale)- Coffee, thought not at all what I would consider a health food/drink, is better on both accounts.

   This got me thinking again on the choices that all of us make in life. It is interesting to think about all the choices we make financially. Whether they are thoughtful or thoughtless choices- we do make choices.

     In our lives we have chosen to stay away from Tobacco and Alcohol (easy choices for us as that was the way we were raised) which are expensive and contribute to health problems which are also expensive. We also have chosen to generally avoid pop/soda (a new decision on Ken's part! ) which is not good for you and costs a lot. On the other hand we have chosen to enjoy Downhill skiing each winter which is also somewhat expensive and some would argue that it also could be hazardous to our health (though as long as we don't have an accident the fresh air would be good for our health!). This is a choice we have made- one made thoughtfully and together.

 Another choice I have made is to spend very little on clothing for our family. Instead I find ways to cloth my family by using what we have or are giving, buying second hand or on sale for the most part. On the other hand I made a choice to buy a quality sewing machine this year when my old one bit the dust. Those choices fit our lifestyle and where in harmony with what is important to me.

   I think being thoughtful in what choices you make is a huge part of managing your finances. It is fun when you realize that you have the freedom to choose. That when I choose to not spend in some area that will free up money in another area. We have the freedom to look at the amount of money coming in and prioritize the use of it in a way that works best for our family.

  I am very thankful for the country that we live in, a God that so bountifully provides for us and all the fun choices that we can make!

 I pray that we all will make wise choices!


Becky R said...

Not only will your body and wallet thank you for giving up the Mountain Dew, but think of all the plastuc bottles you will not be buying. Cool.

Sheila said...

The idea of choosing what we spend our money on is something I have tried very hard to instill in our kids. So very many people do not understand this concept. Great post!

Flamingo said...

I almost panicked...I thought you were giving up Congrats on making HARD decisions!!

Travis said...

So true.

Melissa said...

"That when I choose to not spend in some area that will free up money in another area."

I agree - totally.

Maria said...

Congrats on hubby's great decision! I am in the process of weighing the pros and cons of some choices that I need to make. Sometimes (most of the time), the right choice is not the easy one. Happy New Year!


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