Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Denim Crocheted Rag Rug

  This evening (while watching the New Hampshire Returns as we enjoy our politics!) I finished up a denim rug which I planned on telling you about today. It is my first rug of the year (I am hoping to tell about a different kind each month). It is fitting that a crocheted rug would be the first rug of the year for my blog as that has definitely been the type of rug that I have made the most of. I find them easy and fun to make and I love the fact that I can use only recycled materials in them so they are free!

  I make either oval (though sometimes they are very nearly rectangular) or round rugs.

I looked all around the Internet hoping to find a great tutorial that I could link to but did not find one at least not one that did it the way that I do. I didn't take pictures of every step but I will try to explain the process quickly and then if there is interest I will try to do a detailed tutorial later.

 To make a denim rag rug you will need a lot of pairs of old jeans. I love that for this project you can use stained ones, the stain might at times show a bit but I don't find it very noticeable in a rug.

  Start cutting all your jeans in strips about 1 inch wide. Then to attach them together I cut a one inch long slit (lengthwise) in the each end of the strips. Then you lay the end of one strip over the top of the end of another strip with the holes aligned. Then take the other end of the strip that is laying on top and from the bottom pull that strip through the slits. Carefully pull it tight and it will make a very strong and not very noticeable joint.

  You can get a lot attached together before you start crocheting (and wind the strip in a ball) or you can join the strips together as you need them.

  Now you are ready to start crocheting.

First make a chain of around 15 stitches (you can do more or less, a long chain will make a longer narrower rug and a shorter chain will be opposite of that.). Next make a single crochet in the 3rd stitch from the end. Continue to crochet in all the stitches down that side. At the end crochet several stitches in the end of the chain. Then crochet down the other side of the chain and around that end. That is the beginning of your rug.

  To make the rug just continue to go around and around that middle section. On the ends you will need to add in stitches as needed so that you can always keep the rug laying flat. On the sides you can just make one stitch in each stitch. If you want you can change colors every so often to make stripes.

 When you get it as big as you desire then simple finish off and secure your ends.

The biggest things you need to watch for when making these rugs is that you do add enough extra stitches in the ends so that it doesn't turn into a bowl but that you also don't add in to many stitches and make it wavy.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

Here is a link I found with directions for a very similar rug to mine. (Which if you can't understand my instructions maybe these will help.)


Melissa said...

I always want to make rag rugs - but I steer clear since my husbands aesthetic doesn't like them and I try to decorate to please him as well as myself.

Nice work, though.

Are you like me and find writing tutorials a serious chore? I avoid writing them, which is probably why people don't read my blog!! :)

Erin said...

Nice job, Abbi.

I would love to make a few rugs, but have no idea how to crochet. Any suggestions for a good way to learn? (tutorials, books, etc.)

Abbi said...

I do indeed struggle to get tutorials done but I try to do it every so often as I do appreciate the ones that others do.

A book that I would recommend is one that would probably be pretty easy to find at your Library- "Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework". I would guess there are lots of good books but I have that one. The best/easiest way to learn in my opinion however is to find someone who can teach you in person if possible. That is always so much easier if you have questions. There are also oodles of videos on youtube that teach things- I bet you could find several that would teach crocheting.

Rashel said...

Thank you for this post. I have often thought about making a rug and someone even told me just to crochet one, I just never have. I have been keeping all the denim I could get ahold of for projects like this as well as rag quilts. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.

farmer_liz said...

Hi again, I just wondered what type of crochet hook/tool you used. I love the idea of using up old jeans, I have a collection of jeans legs, because when we wear through the knees, I cut them off to be shorts and keep the legs for future patches. Might be enough to try making a rug though :)

Abbi said...

I hope it works out for you to make a rug. I have really enjoyed making this type of rag rugs. I use a regular crochet hook but just a big one. From a size 10 1/2 or K and up to a really thick plastic one.


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